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How to Make the Most of Your Laundry Day

To get the most from doing your laundry at a laundromat, take some time to do a little bit of planning. First, choose the best day and time for you to complete your laundry. Then, you may want to form a routine for preparing to go to the facility. This means letting the family know when laundry day is so they can gather all the clothing that needs to be cleaned and put it into the laundry hampers. You may want to pre-sort the clothes into the appropriate wash loads, which will save you time at the laundromat.

Another important step is to build your laundromat kit. This way, you won’t be running around at the last minute trying to remember and find all of your necessary items.

Laundry Products

There are a few options for you to consider when both buying these products and transporting them to your laundry facility. You may want to buy them in their regular sizes and fill smaller, easier to handle containers that are reserved for your laundry day trip to the laundromat. Alternatively, you can purchase the smaller travel-size ones that are available. If you are using re-fillable containers, check them before you head out to make sure they are topped up. In the event you forget to take them along with you, or if you prefer, most quality laundromats have resources where you can buy these.

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